What is Zawaaj Matchmaking Centre?

Zawaaj Matchmaking Centre is an Islamically-based matchmaking service for Muslim singles serious about finding a quality and lasting relationship with a successful individual of similar spiritual, social, and emotional interests.

In this hectic world, it takes time, effort, and energy to find the right match you desire. It’s our job to find that person who matches your personality, values, and faith. We make sure you meet your envisioned future Muslim partner. We, by the grace of Allah, turn your imagination into reality.

Our Difference

What sets us apart is that we offer an Islamic-based matchmaking service. In our search to find you a compatible Match, we access our database of seriously searching Muslim singles. We interview qualified candidates.

Simple Steps of Operation


The applicant must be a Muslim seriously interested in Islamic lawful relationship. See our modes of registration.


The applicant provide some basic information and identification. These include answering some questionnaires on personality types. This will facilitate the classification of our individual applicants to know their individual differences and personality traits. Also some questionnaires on some Islamic matters will be answered to know the perspectives of the applicant on religious issues of common differences.


Security of our applicants id very important to us. We verify our applicants through email, phone, photograph and video which we document for future references. This is to provide maximum security for our applicant

Compatibility Check

We now carefully check the database of other applicants in other to compare your personal choices, health information, personality traits and Islamic perspectives with other applicants.

Offer Presentation

We present numbers of compatible members based on their personal choices, health information, personality traits and Islamic perspectives to the applicant to choose from . We also encourage making the prayer of Istikhaarah. The numbers of compatible members presented depend on the modes of registration of the applicant.

Introduction of Potential Partners

If the two suggested compatible partners agree with the choices, they will be introduced to each other. Relevant advice will be given on security and temptation.


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