Modes of Payment

Types of Payment

There are two types of payments involved in this matchmaking process:

  1. Payment for Registration
  2. Payment for Introduction

Payment for Registration

This is the commitment payment made for collection of form/online registration and processing of the form. It coversĀ  steps one to five of the matchmaking process.

There are three modes of registration

1, Basic Mode: The applicant pay N5000 and he has the opportunity of one compatible potential partner

2, MediumĀ Mode: The applicant pay N7500 and he has the opportunity of two compatible potential partners

3, Advance Mode: The applicant pay N10000 and he has the opportunity of three compatible potential partners

Payment for Introduction

This payment covers the introduction of the potential partners and the document involved. It covers the steps six and seven of the matchmaking process. This is N10,000 flat

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