Polygyny is not Just About Sex

Each time one talks about a man getting married to a second, third or fourth wife, the next thing you get from women themselves is that such husband likes sex, he wants to go into it to enjoy, that is why he’s going into polygyny. Are you saying the only thing a woman can offer in marriage by your own estimation, is sex?

We should stop reducing polygyny to other room activities. Indeed, sex is very important in marriage, but for a good man to have you in marital relationship, you need more than bedmatic prowess. It is not bad that she can give ‘snake in the monkey shadow style’, but without stability, no man will like to keep you for too long. My sister, you cannot keep a man with sex, if he is a man of substance, he will cherish value.

These men will marry you because you have standing chest, but when it goes sagging, he will begin to look for alternative. After one or two children, the man starts visiting the searching market to pick a ‘tight replacement.’ To reassure you, men find it difficult to divorce a good woman, if he tries it, he will regret.

We have brothers that are loyal, kind and respectful, who will not use the changes in your body against you, even if they have to marry another wife, it will not be done to bring you down.

For relevance, do not stop pursuing your dream as a wife, in fact, if you are willing to go higher, carefully select a man that believes in your dream, and plural marriage will provide such an amazing opportunity.

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Abu Sheikh

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