Beware of the Social and Economic Status of Your Proposed Partner

Whether you like to hear this or not, I will say it loud and clear for those who are still naive maybe they can finally wake up and face reality. The fact is that there is class and there is something called status.✅

There are certain people who are clearly not in your social and economic class and your status is obviously beneath theirs. Don’t force a relationship with this people if they don’t find it easy to blend with you.💧

Imagine a man not being able to have a say because he is not making financial contributions reasonably or he is not able to provide ideas due to his level of intelligence. In all honesty, lack of financial strength for a man is like being impo*tent literally. And having low intellectual capabilities to flow with the woman you are with is going to lead to a toxic relationship.

It doesn’t mean that such person’s intentions are ingenuie but such relationship would be like an improper fraction. Men can show unnecessary anger for no reason if they feel emasculated even if the woman is trying her best to be good. This can be avoided.😩

We must always open our minds to reality whenever we are aiming for relationships with anyone. Leave sentiments aside and be honest with the situation. Yes, money is not everything cos there is always room for growth even if there is no money today, but the capacity to develop must be evident.

Many men cry of how demanding their women are.. But do you know that some of these men are actually rolling with women who are way above their financial class. They are moving with women who have enjoyed certain lifestyles which these new men cannot fit into.

There are other girls, beautiful and lovely ladies for that matter, who would manage whatever you give because their taste is just within your budget. Why not go for them instead of staying trapped with a woman whom you are struggling to fit into her existing lifestyle?😌

Leave high taste ladies for those who can fit into their social class. Mind you, It is not always about being able to provide, Sometimes it’s about taste and exposure.

This post is not advocating for women to become extremely demanding, asking for what their men cannot afford. I’m simply saying that couples must be comfortable with each other in obvious ways without one party feeling like a burden or not good enough.

I observed that It is easier for a man who is higher in class to role with a woman who is lower in class than to have it reversed.

Stop trying to catch up when there are numerous other people you can easily blend with.

If someone doesn’t love you for who you are, then they are not meant for you. Except for bad characters, nobody should force anyone to change in order to suit their standard.

Love is real.. Love is still beautiful and sweet… Na you dey put your eyes where your hands no fit reach.🫣

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