1: The Most Beautiful Women
-It takes only great sacrifice to make a beautiful woman to be in a marriage. They think that they’re very beautiful to submit to a man or be “tied up” to one man “in the name” of marriage.

-Many beautiful ladies are still single, and you keep wondering what is keeping them. Many of them are always single not because no one is approaching them for marriage, but because they think they’re too beautiful to just accept a man.

-They use their beauty as a capital for money making and they see marriage as a distraction and even when married, they hardly focus on building their marriage, the next thing you hear is divorce. That’s why many of them prefers cohabiting (live together and have a sexual relationship without being married) so that they can break up easily anytime they want and this is very common among “slay queens” today

2:. The Most Educated Women
-A woman having a degree, masters, or PhD hardly commit herself to marriage especially if the man is not as educated as her or she earns more than the man.

-Their qualifications makes them independent and think that happiness is all about certificates.

-If you visit offices in the companies, most high ranked women and rich are single, divorced. It’s because they are being deceived that with their certificates, they should be served and not serving.

If you have an educated wife who respects and obeys you, thank Allah.

Some men can’t even ask their wives to wear hijab, etc because they fear their wives simply because of their certificates or because their wives provide the highest share at home.

-Women raised under rich families find it difficult to get married because they want same environment they grew up with in a marriage.
-They want no one to advise them or correct them especially when it concerns their character, habit and dressing.

The worst is if the man is poor, he will turn to be a slave working for the woman and her entire family. If you have a wife from a rich family that respects and obey you knowing that you’re not as rich as her family, thank Allah.

It’s very difficult for a woman who loves posting her video dancing and exposing her body on tiktok or instagram to actually maintain a marriage. Though few may change, it’s generally just difficult. Some women prefer being divorced than to quit social media.

-They copy what others do and they love to be praised by men of how beautiful and charming they are. And no true and upright husband will withstand seeing other men praising his wife such ways.

-Some women on social media will call a total stranger who claims being a marital counsellor as “mom or mommy” simply because she is destroying them with the dirty notion of women’s right of self-independence but have never called their real mothers such caring names. What a hypocrisy!

_Women addicted to social media turns to value people on social media than in real life. A woman who spends 8hours a day on tiktok or facebook watching videos and dancing can’t maintain a marriage for long. Some get divorced because of social media influence but end up regretting and depressed.

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